To make efficient use of company resources we provide content filtering and firewall.

Originally a firewall merely filtered traffic based on ports and IP addresses. Later it evolved becoming “stateful”, keeping track of the state of network connections passing through it. But threats also evolved and diversified; organizations started to deploy multiple appliances to defend against each type of threat.

We provide you with “all in one” security product by installing UTM. UTMs are multi-service platforms; they incorporate many security services. Organizations no longer need to deploy multiple separate devices (each with its own management interface and login) to defend against blended threats.

Why you need a UTM

A UTM can help you:

Clean the traffic from multiple threats.
– Antivirus, antimalware and antispyware inspection to prevent at the gateway level viruses and spyware from entering your network.
– IPS inspection to block the exploit of vulnerabilities and many other malicious activities.
– Email filtering to block unwanted emails (e.g. spam).

Filter the web sites and web content your users access.

Gain better control over the traffic flow

Connect to remote locations; site-to-site VPN.

Provide users with secure remote access to corporate resources; remote access VPN.

Use dynamic routing protocols, policy-based routing and multiple Internet connections when the firewall is integrated into a complex network.

A UTM helps you increase your network’s security and reduces the overall security solution’s complexity and cost.

A UTM unifies multiple systems under a single appliance to provide protection against threats and to ease the deployment and management.

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